5. The Crown Odyssey

Another bus ride, and we found ourselves in the small Italian city of Citavecchia, which serves as Rome's port.  We pulled alongside a blue-hulled cruise ship, the Crown Odyssey, the newest ship of Orient Lines.  In a previous life, Chris had taken a trip on the other Orient Lines ship, the Marco Polo, and was so well treated that it was an easy choice to book our honeymoon through them.

We boarded the ship and were led to our cabin.  Since our luggage hadn't arrived yet, we decided to tour the ship and have lunch.  There were two restaurants, a movie theater, a show lounge, multiple bars, an indoor pool, an outdoor pool and a casino aboard.  Who could ask for anything more?  Take a virtual tour of the ship on their website.

In the evening, we ate dinner in the ornate main dining room.  Later we would be assigned a table, and that's where we met our friends from San Francisco, Ray and Lynda, another honeymooning couple.

The ship left port and by the time we went to bed, we were plying the Mediterranean Sea, headed for Livorno and Pisa.

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