7. Cannes and Monte Carlo

The weather was beautiful as the ship docked in Cannes, France.  We took a tender ride to the dock, where yet another bus was waiting for us, to take us to Monte Carlo along a highway which ran along the cliffs along the coastline.  Though the scenery was beautiful as we traveled through the Cote d'Azur towns of Antibes, Nice, and Eze sur Mare, we were glad when we reached the tiny Principality of Monaco and got off the bus.

Monaco made us think, "It's great to be rich."  The place is beautiful, clean, and full of Mazeratis and Ferraris.  Chris figured his Nissan Truck would've been stopped at the border.

We visited Prince Ranier's offices and saw the single guard marching back and forth in an incredibly lazy manner.  Note to other countries: Monaco is ripe for invasion!  Nearby is the church where Princess Grace is buried along with centuries of other Grimaldi royal bodies.  Linda wanted to take a picture of the rose covered tomb.  Chris felt that she was certainly a babe in her day, but driving off a cliff doesn't rate a photo.

Then back on the bus to the section of Monaco called Monte Carlo, where we were shown the famous Casino, but pretty much told that we couldn't go in to look around.  At least we couldn't bring the cameras.  Snobbery in action!

Then we tried to find a place to buy a Monte Carlo tee-shirt.  Hah!  The only shirts sold there were incredibly expensive ones with names like Gucchi sewn into them.  We did run into Dan and Sonja, and agreed to meet for lunch back in Cannes.  It was a beautiful day in a beautiful place, but our tolerance for bus touring was at an end, and we were happy to arrive back at the docks in Cannes.

Dan and Sonja joined us for lunch in a little streetside cafe, with a humorous waiter who spoke quite a lot of English, most of it in the right order.  After lunch, Chris and Dan trailed after the ladies as they stopped in numerous shops and an antique fair occupying a park.  Chris was grumpy and tired and finally cojoled Linda into returning to the ship with him.

Hopefully the next time we visit the French Riviera, we won't be so tired of touring.  That night on ship, Dan, Sonja, Ray and Lynda joined us for some wine and champagne after dinner on deck, which went a long way in restoring Chris's good humor.

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