8. Palma de Mallorca

Our next stop was the small city of Palma on the Spanish island of Mallorca in the Balearic Islands.  We arrived on a quiet, drizzly Sunday.  The temperature was nice however and we joined Dan and Sonja for a nice long walk.  First we headed to the huge cathedral on the other side of the highway.  The thick walls and stone turrets reminded us of the San Cristobal fortress in Puerto Rico.

We did a little shopping and then looked for some beer.  Amazingly, as we were walking we saw a huge Irish flag advertising a place called O'Brien's Pub.  Unfortunately it was closed, but nearby we found an English pub called The Corner.  Mallorca attracts a lot of British and Irish tourists.  We bought a couple of Caffrey's Irish Ales from the rude barmaid and sat for awhile, surrounded by young English soccer fans hooting at a game on the telly.

Refreshed, we decided on some more walking through the old section of town, taking pictures and generally acting like tourists for the rest of the afternoon.  On our way back to the ship, we had a pitcher of Sangria and felt almost European for a few moments, but we shrugged it off and headed back to the Crown Odyssey.

At dinner, it was the last night and especially festive.  The finale of the evening was the parade of the Baked Alaskas.  The hard-working waiters and busboys earned their tips.  They were great.

That night we had to pack since the next day we'd be leaving the ship in Barcelona.  We were excited to be going to Barcelona, but a little sad that we'd be leaving the ship and that our honeymoon was almost over.

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