This is the story of our fantastic honeymoon: a trip to Italy, France and Spain.  We had a wonderful time seeing incredible places, meeting new friends, and eating tons and tons of really good food.  (And drinking copious amounts of delicious wine.)  We returned exhausted with some skinned knees and some minor intestinal distress, but very happy nonetheless!

Our trip started with a tour of Italy, ending in Rome, where we would board a cruise ship.  The ship would take us to several Mediterranean ports and leave us in Barcelona.  Here are the places we visited.  Each one is a separate page, click on the link to go to it.

1. Milan
6.  Livorno and Pisa
2. Verona and Venice
7.  Cannes and Monte Carlo
3.  Florence
8.  Palma de Mallorca
4.  Rome
9.  Barcelona
5. The Crown Odyssey
10. Summary, Tips & Recommendations
We hope you enjoy the story of our little adventure.  (Don't worry, it's not too long--and there are plenty of pictures!  Click on the picture to see a larger version.)

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