Compartment3 — May 2003

Monday, May 26, 2003
Busy week and weekend. I did end up accompanying the Missus to Minneapolis last week. We spent that Sunday at The Mall of America. The impressive inner court is full of rides and attractions. This huge space is surrounded by three floors of stores and restaurants. As they say in their ads, "It's a mall like Australia is an island." I'll post some more pictures over on my Home Page when I get a chance.

Note to my faithful readers (reader?): today is my last day of enforced freedom; it's back to the proverbial salt mines tomorrow. So, I'll probably be blogging even more infrequently. Time will tell.

Wednesday, May 14, 2003
A neat website: the Official U.S Time site.

Another neat government site is the Bureau of Printing and Engraving, which has pictures of the newest, more colorful design of the twenty dollar bill, due this fall.

Tuesday, May 13, 2003
Can you say "rip-off?" I knew you could. The Missus is heading for a diabetes conference in beautiful Minnesota next week. We bought her tickets from Northwest Airlines last month for $290. Now it turns out I will be able to accompany her. Except that the tickets now cost $1280! One thousand dollars more! Rip-off! I can understand that it should be cheaper to get your tickets early. But 1280 bucks? For a coach ticket? Well, I guess the Missus is going to have to go on her own.

Can you say "rip-off?" I knew you could.

Monday, May 12, 2003
Two more DVD Reviews. First up, Treasure Planet from our friends at Walt Disney. (An aside: I learned that good ol' Walt's corpse isn't cryogenically frozen in a vat of liquid helium. He's buried in California's Forest Lawn Cemetary--Glendale, not Hollywood Hills. I confirmed it at the Urban Legend Resource Pages, an indispensible resource when you need to separate fact from bunk. Finding out Walt wasn't a corpsicle made me sad for some reason.) Okay back to the review. I liked it. Predictable, of course, and the songs weren't that great, but I thought some of the animation and artwork was fantastic. The combination of traditional hand-drawn animation and computer graphics really worked for me. I guess it didn't for many people--this movie sunk (like a treasure ship?) at the theaters. If you're into Disney movies, then it's recommended.

Also very predictable is the recent Sandra Bullock-Hugh Grant romantic comedy Two Weeks Notice. (Shouldn't it be Two Week's Notice or Two Weeks' Notice? Hmm.) It was cute though. The Missus and I enjoyed it cuddled up on the sofa together with a bowl of microwaved popcorn. (We were on the sofa, the popcorn was on the coffee table.) Our Video Warehouse only had the "Full Screen Version" of this, not the usual "Widescreen Version." Hmph. I like the widescreen. It made DVD's special. I understood that the black space at the top and bottom of the screen was there for a reason. If I may be permitted an elitist thought: too many people have DVD players now! But anyway, we enjoyed the movie. If you're into cute romantic comedies, then it's recommended.

Wednesday, May 07, 2003
Played some great golf this weekend. Not that I played especially well, but it was great golf because it was free golf. Anytime you get to play golf for free, it's great golf no matter what your score is. Thanks to Mark Balderson (a.k.a. "Bogeyman" of fame), we played at the beautiful Musket Ridge Golf Club in the tiny village of Myersville, Maryland, home to both a Burger King and a McDonalds! Here's a picture I took of the 18th, leading up to the clubhouse. I'd definitely recommend the course--it was a lot of fun.

Friday, May 02, 2003
The Missus and I went to see Chicago last night. The movie, not the city. It was great. I'll have to write a review for it. I should say that we finally went and saw it. It's been out for quite a while. Today, the "summer movie season" starts with the new X-Men movie, so I had a feeling Chicago wouldn't be around very much longer.

We almost stumbled into the perfect movie situation: having the whole theater to ourselves. Granted it wasn't a very big theater; the Regal Countryside has 20 theaters. Let's just say that I have some rooms in my house bigger than the theater was--and I live in a townhouse! But, it would have been really cool to have it all to ourselves. Another couple came in, darn it. Fortunately they were pretty quiet. I hate when people are noisy at the movies. I hate the sneezers, snorters, hyena-laughers, inappropriate gigglers, whisperers, sinus-drainers, throat-clearers, SARS-related coughers, translators, joint-crackers, weepers, seat-kickers, noisy-package-openers, cell-phone-talkers, watch-beepers, yelpers, crying-baby-sitters and especially those people who come in right as the movie is starting and sit down in the seat next to you. I really hate them.

Um...where was I? Oh yeah, go see Chicago. It was great!